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Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat (Natalus primus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220529552

Protecting Natalus primus (Chiroptera, Natalidae) by updating its current status using ecological data collection, acoustic monitoring and social actions.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220529552) - Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat - Awarded $5,000 on November 25, 2022

1. To collect essential baseline ecological information about the species population size, life cycle and habitat requirements to support a conservation status review proposal on the IUCN. 2. To characterize and identify the echolocation call audio stamp of N. primus and its coexisting bat species, to identify habitat occupancy using a not invasive acoustic monitoring. 3. To plan, present and implement in situ and ex situ conservation actions, supported by a not invasive monitoring plan and risk mitigation to protect N. primus and its habitat. 4. To implement a wide-ranging, divulge campaign in schools, local museums, social media and communities in the west of Cuba.

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