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Dehradun Stream Frog (Amolops chakrataensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 240534319

Conservation of Critically Endangered Dehradun Stream Frog in the human-dominated landscape of Himalayas through fieldwork, participatory research and education

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 240534319) - Dehradun Stream Frog - Awarded $4,900 on May 28, 2024

Our project contributes to the in-situ conservation of the Critically Endangered Dehradun Stream Frog Amolops chakrataensis by engaging communities, developing conservation strategies, and increasing species knowledge. Our primary objective is to reverse the Red List status of Amolops chakrataensis by comprehensively understanding species distribution, habitat preferences, ecology, behavior, and threats. Local stakeholders will be actively involved, with local field workers hired for part-time employment. Safeguarding and restoring habitats are key objectives, addressing species threats and providing policymakers with vital data for effective conservation guidelines at national and local levels. Our project emphasizes the importance of knowledge acquisition for effective conservation, with fieldwork aimed at gathering crucial data on species ecology and behavior. Assessing species distribution and habitat characteristics is crucial for determining its distribution range and identifying new sites for records. Threat assessment guides our formulation of conservation strategies and mitigation of potential threats. Citizen science initiatives empower local participation through hands-on training for volunteers and youths. Engagement activities educate local communities, increasing awareness and involvement, while workshops and public displays popularize the species, fostering broader conservation efforts.

Project 240534319 location - India, Asia