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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 190521897

An endangered endemic orchid: Population, distribution and habitat characteristic study of Paphiopedilum javanicum in Mount Lawu, Indonesia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 190521897) - Javan Paphiopedilum - Awarded $4,815 on November 05, 2019

Paphiopedilum javanicum is an endemic and endangered orchid. It only occurs in Java, Sumatra, Bali, and Flores. Even so, P. javanicum is not included in the species protected list by the Indonesian government. Facing habitat fragmentation that occurs in their habitat. Also, the information about their population, distribution, and ecology is very lack.


The aim of this project is to find out:


  • Population pattern, knowing the population pattern will lead to information about the viability of P. javanicum.
  • Distribution, figuring out the distribution will help determine the location that needs to be maintained. Furthermore, the distribution study will provide the distribution data in Java, specifically in Mount Lawu.
  • Habitat characteristics, figuring out the habitat characteristic of P. javanicum will help preserve and manage the area for the conservation.  
  • Increase awareness, we want to increase the awareness of the local community about P. javanicum status in the world and according to the result of the fieldwork.



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