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Milafu (Boswellia ogadensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 210528269

Population Survey and Conservation of Boswellia ogadensis, a Lost Species of Critically Endangered Frankincense Tree

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 210528269) - Milafu - Awarded $4,915 on February 05, 2022

Our objectives are: 1. Re-locate B. ogadensis and survey its current status within its known range. We will accomplish this by intensively surveying its three known recorded locations, and then surveying along its likely habitat (the limestone/gypsum hills between Gode and the border with Somalia). 2. Map the locations of individual trees for monitoring and ongoing seed collection in the future. We will record GPS locations, photos, and status of each of the trees. We will also record diameter at breast height, basal diameter, height, phenology, and any evidence of use (such as cut branches). 3. Assess current levels of regeneration and collect seeds (as possible) for propagation in the nursery at the Somali Region Pastoral & Agro-Pastoral Research Institute (SORPARI). 4. Assess current threats based on observations (grazing pressure, cut branches, evidence of fire, etc.) and interviews with local people. We will use these interviews to assess local knowledge of the tree (abundance, range, perception of conservation status, etc.), whether it is used locally for fodder, firewood, resin, etc, and what land management and use practices currently exist and how they may be affecting the tree. 5. Establish a targeted conservation action plan based on gathered data.

Project 210528269 location - Ethiopia, Africa