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'ōmāma'o (Pomarea nigra)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 202523851

Save the Tahiti monarch from the Little Fire Ant

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 202523851) - 'ōmāma'o - Awarded $24,900 on June 08, 2020


In order to finalize the eradication of LFA in four colonies we had:


- Treated the LFA mega colonies established in the PK 17 and the PK 18.2 forests (PK is a geographical reference indicating the location of the colony on the road surrounding Tahiti Island). We have reached this objective by performing 4 application of S Methoprene and hydramethylnon using drone at one-two-month intervals (33 + 8 ha)

- Confirmed the absence of LFA in the Te Maru Ata cliff

No ant was found more than three years after the last drone application (performed in january 2018) - which is an excellent new and confirm the efficiency of drone application in order to treat forested areas against LFA 

- Finalized the eradication of LFA in the three urban areas using ultra diluted fipronil (10.000 time the recommended dose by the manufacturer)- in the 4 houses still contaminated early 2021

- maintain the inhabitants motivated to prevent reinvasions (panels, magnets, door to door)

We have prepared panels and magnets with the different partners.

- we also discovered and treated an new and threatening colony of 8-11 ha located very close to the 'heart' of the monarch population. Hopefully, this colony has been treated (on 11 ha) also and is no more a threat for the Tahiti monarch.

Eradication can be confirmed only three years after the cessation of treatments - this has been the case in Te Maru Ata cliff in 2021. in 2021 we treated 33 + 4 + 11 ha and we wil justl have to continue our LFA surveys later (three more years) to be sure those colonies are eradicated.

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