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Sinu Parakeet (Pyrrhura subandina)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 202525182


Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 202525182) - Sinu Parakeet - Awarded $6,000 on November 01, 2021

The conservation and education project for the Sinu parakeet (Pyrrhura subandina), funded by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, has made substantial progress throughout its implementation, achieving significant results despite the challenges associated with the pandemic of Covid-19 and adverse weather conditions.

To date, we have carried out extensive field investigations, recording and documenting the distribution and behavior of the species in the Sinú region. Through the use of specialized equipment, we have been able to monitor 135 Sinu parakeets, which has provided valuable data for our knowledge base and informed our conservation strategies.

Regarding direct conservation measures, we have implemented specific actions for the protection and restoration of the habitat of parakeets. We have safeguarded 9,800ha of land and are in the process of restoring a significant portion of these areas, minimizing threats from human and agricultural activity.

An essential part of our project has been the local environmental education campaign, which has reached more than 8,000 in the local community. This initiative has led to positive behavior changes and has helped foster greater respect and awareness for Sinu parakeets.

In addition, the Foundation's grant has enabled the mobilization of additional funding of US$15,000, which has expanded the reach and effectiveness of our project. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and adverse weather conditions, we have remained committed and have made significant progress.

In summary, the project has proven to be an effective catalyst for the conservation of the Sinú parakeet, having achieved tangible advances in research, habitat protection and environmental education. We continue to work with determination and hope to achieve even more in the future.

Project 202525182 location - Colombia, South America