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Tea-tree Fingers (Hypocreopsis amplectens)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 182518969

Assessing the conservation status of the most threatened fungi in New Zealand and Australia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 182518969) - Tea-tree Fingers - Awarded $15,500 on November 01, 2019

An Australasian Fungal Red Listing Workshop will be held at the Royal Botanic Gardens,  Melbourne, Australia, on 22-26 July 2019. Invitations have been extended to international and Australasian experts and also to government agencies.  A website has been developed linked to the Global Fungal Red List Initiative (GFRLI; http://iucn.ekoo.se/en/iucn/) led by Dahlberg, Krikorev,and Mueller - and will be the repository for requested information on designated fungal species ahead of the workshop. Based on this information, we aim to finalise the assessments of 75 species of fungi from Australia and New Zealand, and prepare any necessary additional detail ahead of submission to IUCN for formal Red List evaluation. The decision to hold the workshop in Australia rather than New Zealand relates to ease of access for Australasian participants.

Peter Buchanan (Auckland, New Zealand) and Tom May (Melbourne, Australia) 26 April 2019.




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