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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 242529220

Working to save the most endangered turtle in the Americas, the Vallarta mud turtle (Kinosternon vogti).

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 242529220) - Vallarta mud turtle - Awarded $24,647 on July 21, 2024

The two goals of this project are to 1) bring local, national, and international attention to the Vallarta mud turtle; and 2) work with landowners, developers, and the City of Puerto Vallarta to study, monitor, and conserve this critically endangered species in four habitats. These goals will be carried out by executing the following objectives. Objective 1 – Distribute 10,000 informational stickers that have life size illustrations of the Vallarta mud turtle to 30 schools and the public in the Ameca river valley. Illustrations will have a QR code that will direct to a video about the Vallarta Mud Turtle that teachers will show students in classroom. Objective 2 – Organize a public fair on the board walk of Puerto Vallarta for World Turtle Day on May 23rd, 2024, and May 23rd, 2025. Objective 3 – Use radiotelemetry to study migration and estivation patterns of the Vallarta mud turtle at four habitats. Objective 4 – Work with a private landowner, a developer, and the City of Puerto Vallarta to take measures to protect four Vallarta mud turtle habitats. These efforts also aim to protect turtles from road mortality and poachers.

Project 242529220 location - Mexico, North America